Many articles online typically talk about CBD oil’s effectiveness but not enough talk about its proper usage. Using it for the first time can be an unnerving experience for many. First-time users of Cannabidiol (CBD) might feel anxious when it comes to purchasing and using this product. The best way to get over your fear of the unknown is by keeping yourself informed.

Understanding how to use CBD oil

Similar to any type of medicine, its effectiveness varies from person to person based on several physiological factors, such as age, weight, and diet. In this article, we will share with you three frequently asked questions about CBD oil that can guide you in your first experience:

“How do I use CBD oil?”

Hemp oil can be introduced into your body in a variety of ways. Theoretically, it’s possible to do so through intravenous (IV) administration so that it can reach the bloodstream. Because there are better, safer, and more creative ways to use hemp oil, however, many people choose to forgo this option.

One of the fastest ways to do so is by using a medicine dropper and taking the recommended dosage and placing it on your tongue. This allows the oil to transfer through the mucous membrane, which will make its effects kick in faster.

Another method of taking it in is through consuming it. Since there are various forms of CBD, from oil to powder, oral consumption is a viable method that allows the user to mix it with their meals and drinks.

“How will CBD oil affect me?”

Keep in mind that its effects vary from person to person. The reason there is no clear answer to this is that there are two independent factors involved, your oil’s composition and your body’s physical makeup.

Different suppliers of CBD products have different compositions on their items. Some might have a higher concentration of purity, while others may have a combination of other ingredients, such as coconut oil, terpenes, and other additives. As such, the addition of other components can either improve or delay the intended effects of CBD.

People who weigh more tend to contain more fat cells in their body, meaning that they can absorb and store higher amounts of CBD. Heavier people are also noted to experience prolonged effects of SBD compared to a lighter person with the same dosage.

“How fast should CBD oil work?”

Typically, the therapeutic effects of CBD oil vary from as short as the next ten minutes to after six long hours. Though the dosage, your body’s physical makeup, and the CBD content of the product you’re using are the mains factors regarding the effectiveness, much of it actually relies on the manner of consumption.

Vaporized CBD oil, in particular, can kick in as early as ten minutes after inhalation and prolonged at a much longer state through the use of microdosing. Oral intake, on the other hand, through using a medicine dropper or blending it through edibles, can take up to six hours before it is felt, depending on your body’s metabolism.


In your first few applications of the product, it’s essential to give some time to your body to get used to its presence. Taking regular doses of twice a day in a span of at least thirty days will provide you with a more consistent experience with CBD oil.

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