Cannabidiol (CBD) products’ popularity is due to its many reported effects on various parts of the human body, ranging from regulating inflammations to managing anxiety in different patients. However, one of its underrepresented effects is its ability to influence the gut. By understanding what it does, you’ll realize CBD’s role in how it can affect your gut health and improve your body’s different functions.

What gut health means for your entire body

The gut comprises the entire intestinal tract, where a single-celled wall acts as a defense to protect the bloodstream from different toxins and irritants. It acts as a divider to prevent the digestive tract from harmful substances in the environment that enters the body.

Its direct line of communication to the brain makes the gut an essential part of your body. Besides regulating your digestive systems, it also produces the feel-good hormone, serotonin, and disseminates it back to your brain. Through the ‘gut-brain axis,’ the two organs communicate through the endocannabinoid system (ECS), where your body’s receptors to CBD also travel.

How gut damage can cause harm to your body

Inflammation or injury to your gut causes dangerous toxins and radicals to seep into your bloodstream. It can cause intestinal permeability, or the condition when errant particles protect your immune system and attempt to defend your body. Unfortunately, your immune system can target even the healthy parts of your bloodstream and gut. This turns into digestive system complications, compromised gut motility, and the risk of activating autoimmune symptoms.

How CBD reinforces your gut’s defenses

CBD is a major contributor to managing the structure and function of your gut. Since it has CB-1 and CB-2 receptors through the ECS, your gut’s condition can alter depending on the introduction of CBD products. Listed below are three chemical reactions from CBD that contribute to the betterment of your gut health.

  1. Suppresses TNF-alpha production: CBD suppresses the release of inflammatory compounds in your body. This includes the TNF-alpha compound, which comes out when your body is experiencing damage. Because of CBD, your body’s inflammatory response management won’t reach dangerous levels that can turn into scarring or bleeding.
  2. Influences gut motility: Gut motility dictates whether you’re digesting your food at the right pacing. Your ECS handles this to prevent constipation or diarrhea from slow and fast motility speeds. CBD regulates your gut’s digestion through the ECS to be at just the right levels to avoid any potential issues.
  3. Regulates the gut microbiome: The interaction of harmful microbes increases or decreases the risk of gastrointestinal distress. Several animal studies show that introducing CBD promotes various gut-related health benefits. This is due to the cross-talk between the ECS and the gut microbiome. Patients in the CBD-supplemented group showed significant quality of life improvements, including a lighter impression of the severity of their conditions.


There are many reported benefits to using CBD, mainly from anti-inflammatory studies. Its compatibility for all ages makes it even easier to use for different demographics. You can purchase it in oil, gum, and even cream form, depending on your preferences. CBD is a top-rated product in the market for users of all ages, with various studies on its interactions on the human body.

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