Basic CBD Oil Storage

Storing your CBD oil in the proper place ensures that your medicinal treatment is always potent. That’s because the oil can easily deteriorate in effectiveness if stored incorrectly. Also, having to throw it out is both inconvenient and wasteful. 

Thus, you need to read about the proper storage guidelines for CBD oil. This guide will help you with the basics and also point out what can affect the condition of the oil. This ensures that every time to stock up on the oil, every drop is used effectively and for the betterment of your health and wellbeing.  

What Do You Need the CBD Oil For? 

Before even getting into the guidelines, you need to specify what the CBD oil is for. This will help you to better understand where you can store the oil. Remember, the key to storing important medicinal products like CBD oil is contextualizing what the use is for so that you can avoid misuse. 

For instance, if you are using CBD oil for pain or momentary relief, you can store it as stock among the more seasonal medicines. Just take note of the expiration date of the oil so that you can use it up before it expires. Also, don’t buy any until you’ve used yours up. If you can, consider having your old bottles refilled with oil. 

If you are undergoing recurring treatment like using CBD oil for anxiety, then you need to store it either in your medicine cabinet or by your bedside. This means you will be using it more frequently and need easy access to it.

Buy the prescribed amount you need to avoid wasted stocks. Also, remember to be mindful of how much you take so that you don’t end up using more than you need and still guarantee results. 

The Guidelines for Storing CBD Oil 

Now that you have identified why you need the CBD oil, you can consider how to store it properly. Consider each guideline and counter check with your CBD supplier as they can also teach you a thing or two about correct usage.


  • Learn about the fine details of your CBD oil. There are a variety of oils that have different spoilage rates and storage requirements. Take note of these important details like the method of extraction and the added ingredients. 
  • Consider using airtight packaging. Even if your oils come in a plastic bottle or any other alternative, it may not be ideal for extended use. Consider investing in darker, tightly sealed bottles that can extend the oil’s shelf life. 
  • Keep the oil out of heat and light. The enemy of this oil is heat and direct sunlight as it can easily degrade upon prolonged exposure. Keep it away from light sources or open windows. Never leave your CBD oil in the kitchen, especially near the stove if you’re cooking with it. 
  • Consider storing oil in the fridge if you live in a hot place. Because heat can easily spoil it, consider putting the CBD oil in the refrigerator. Ask your supplier whether or not it’s okay to do so. 



If you really want to extend the benefits of your CBD oil, start by seriously integrating these tips into your lifestyle. Additionally, be a responsible CBD user so that you don’t waste good oil by overstocking. 

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