In the past three years alone, America’s hemp and cannabis industries have seen unprecedented levels of growth in terms of profit levels, economic contributions, and impact, as can be seen in the lives of millions.

Thanks to their pioneering role in the alternative medicine industry, both hemp and CBD oil now play a significant part in improving the quality of life beyond the once-restrictive measures of dependence on modern medicine. While these related products have revolutionized Americans across the country, there’s one that is unlike any other: CBD oil without THC.

The difference between CBD and THC, and why the former is separated from the latter

Best known as the primary components of any hemp or marijuana plant, both CBD and THC play a vital role in delivering the very effects that associated products have been shown to provide.

It is important to note that the latter—as beneficial as it may be—contains psychoactive components that give cannabis both the mistrust and the appeal. BY using its psychoactive properties, THC produces the very high that can lead to negative effects when patients fail to manage their doses properly.

Despite the fact that both chemical components have a hand in the benefits that many seek in hemp oil extract and similar products, CBD can still yield the majority of those advantages alone. Fortunately, manufacturers have taken notice of the general aversion towards the psychoactive compound by creating an alternative that solely focuses on providing the effects that many seek. This eventually led to the creation of CBD oil without THC effects.

By isolating CBD and cutting out the other primary component, consumers can now fully reap the benefits of marijuana products without risking any fits of paranoia or failed drug tests.

How the removal process works

Generally speaking, manufacturers of hemp oil or CBD oil create isolate products (as they’re called) by using a highly-technical process involving key practices and specialized equipment.

To start off the entire isolation process, both cannabinoids and terpenes are extracted from a hemp plant through the use of a CO2 extraction process that maintains the quality of the isolated materials. Once the first extraction is finished, solvent removal for further isolation is carried out through the use of a vacuum distillation process. The entire process eventually results in a mixture of CBD, terpenes, cannabinoids, and a bit of THC.

After the entire solvent removal stage, a chromatography technique is used to “purify” the resulting blend of ingredients and extract every single bit of the undesired compound, resulting in a hemp oil product with absolutely zero THC traces.


Through the use of a dedicated and systematic process, hemp oil extract and CBD oil manufacturers have been able to develop products that have no traits of THC in their content. By simply cutting out the potentially-harmful and undesired compound from the mix, the resulting product can be used to provide consumers with every benefit that they seek in CBD oil without the potential side effects.

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