The Immune System and CBD

In times like these, people are looking for ways to bolster their immune system to decrease their likelihood of getting sick. While some people have turned to vitamin and mineral supplements, others have turned to cannabis and similar products such as CBD oil.

That being said, the use of cannabis for health-related purposes is still relatively new. However, many studies have shown that CBD has positive effects on one’s immune system.

Before we start talking about how CBD can help benefit your body, let us first discuss your immune system.

The immune system

You are always surrounded by bacteria, viruses, and other pathogens that can cause you to get sick. The only reason you are not yet ill is all thanks to your body’s immune system. The main job of your immune system is to protect you from sickness and injuries due to external microbes. This system is comprised of different processes that all work together to achieve that.

Generally, the immune system employs white blood cells to fight off dangerous substances and microbes that enter your body. Once it successfully does so, it creates a memory of these threats, meaning that it knows exactly what to do if it ever encounters the same problem. This is also how vaccines work. They strengthen your immune system by introducing weakened microbes that your body can fight and remember how to do so in the process.

Did you know that white blood cells also attack your cells? While they will leave your healthy cells alone, any other cell that is not functioning well (or is not functioning at all) will be eliminated by the immune system. This prevents problems such as the growth of tumors and similarly harmful cells.

CBD and the immune system

While CBD directly interacts with your endocannabinoid system, it also helps regulate many of your body’s functions. One of these involves your immune system, and it does so in several ways.

First, CBD can help assist in cellular death. While this can sound extremely strange and even scary, it is quite beneficial to your body. Also known as apoptosis, cellular death is the process in which the immune system gets rids of cells that no longer function properly. This prevents them from replicating, which, as previously mentioned, can lead to tumors.

Second, CBD helps to reduce the inflammatory response your body has to certain health issues. While inflammation itself is beneficial, chronic inflammation will keep your body heightened state of activity for too long. This can lead to a myriad of problems, including damage to organs like the brain and heart. Also, when these inflammatory cells fill the bloodstream, you become more prone to plaque build-up that can lead to a stroke.


While we have mentioned how CBD can help with your immune system, more studies are still required to prove whether CBD does help bolster your health. Nevertheless, many people have turned to CBD products such as oils and tinctures and incorporated these into their lifestyle.

If you want to experience the benefits mentioned above, then give these products a try! With so many choices available, there is bound to be the perfect one for you.

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