CBD oil is not yet universally accepted in the health and wellness industry despite its vast potential to serve as a treatment for several illnesses. CBD or cannabidiol is naturally derived from the cannabis plant. It does not make you feel high or stoned, and it cannot leave you overdosed. However, it still has a lot to prove in the healthcare sector regarding its health-assisting capabilities. 

If you are curious of CBD oil’s claims in terms of healing and treatment, here are some of its proven wonders:


  • Pain management


Several studies suggested that CBD oil can help alleviate pain; however, more research is needed to prove its effectiveness in human subjects, specifically for long-term means. 

Despite the need for further research, CBD oil already shows a lot of potential in managing chronic pains. Being an organic product makes it a more favorable alternative to other forms of medication. 

CBD is said to help reduce pain by affecting the human body’s receptors of pain, endocannabinoids. This system regulates the sleep, appetite, immune system, and body’s pain response. There are also ongoing studies that examine the extent of CBD’s effects on health conditions, such as multiple sclerosis and arthritis. 


  • Helps fix sleep problems and anxiety


CBD oil helps treat anxiety, manage post-traumatic stress disorder, and sleeplessness. The National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) says that cannabidiol has effectively helped reduce stress in animals, such as rats. It can also act as serotonin in a human’s brain, regulating a person’s mood and social behavior. In layman’s term, it serves as the more natural anti-depressant option for those dealing with the mentioned concerns.

Make sure to use legal CBD oil only because any THC presence can trigger anxiety or reverse the effect you’re expecting to have. CBD oil does have THC but only an amount up to 0.3 percent. It still has a THC presence because it is a natural element derived from a hemp plant. However, the said amount would not lead to any heightened feelings or other adverse effects. 


  • Treatment to lower high blood pressure


One study suggests that CBD can be useful in treating high blood pressure. The study tested subjects exposed to different stressors, and using CBD oil effectively reduced their resting systolic blood pressure. The researchers claim that the anxiety regulating properties of the CBD made a decrease in blood pressure possible. They concluded it to help support heart health because of its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. 


  • Helps the cancer patients manage symptoms


Cancer patients undergoing cancer treatment often experience nausea and pain, and CBD oil helped alleviate these symptoms. In one study, researchers found that patients who used CBD oil felt less nauseous after. Several patients from this study also reported that using CBD has helped lessen their pain and other discomforts. 


  • Brain protection from Alzheimer’s and dementia


CBD oil helps protect the brain from illnesses, such as Alzheimer’s and dementia. CBD oil properties can reduce inflammation, prevent free radical damage, protect brain cells, and help generate new ones.


  • Skin benefits


CBD oil may also be a promising solution to treat acne and other skin conditions. It comes from the evidence that CBD has properties that help alleviate inflammation and reduce sebum production. In this study by The Journal of Clinical Investigation, the researchers tried to measure CBD compounds’ effects on human skin and its oil-producing glands. They concluded that CBD could be a promising therapeutic agent when treating acne. 


There is yet much research to be done to prove many of CBD oil’s treatment capabilities. Still, the current scientifically proven possibilities are already enough to claim that CBD oil is a powerful and promising agent. As soon as the ongoing clinical trials prove more CBD oil’s claims, it will be a more conventional weapon in the healthcare industry. 

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