Full Spectrum CBD Oil

Often perceived by many as a godsend, CBD oil has become a focal point in modern medicine. With an unfailing goal of revolutionizing the way modern medicine works, this cannabis or hemp-derived oil continues to change lives and pose more sustainable solutions for alleviating varied conditions. Now that there are options all across the country, it’s safe to say that high-quality natural products are within reach. 

Whether you’re dealing with depression, anxiety, chronic pain, or inflammation, CBD oil provides a natural form of relief that gives better results than most products and alternatives on the market. Thanks to this wide range that varies depending on price points, benefits, and purities, Americans have the opportunity to seek a better quality of self-treatment that’s one click away!

As beneficial as it may be, the problem is that it’s still relatively new to the point where most people probably won’t run out of questions regarding how it’s used, what it’s for, and where it can be bought. Among all the different questions that you may have in mind about this product, there’s one concern that may be louder than all else: Does CBD oil expire?

Answering the question at hand

While it is significantly shelf-stable and often poised to stay fresh for extended periods, it’s no exception to the reality of expiring that other natural medicines also experience.

As opposed to other types of medicines and natural alternatives, this special hemp-derived oil has a longer shelf life of around 12 months when stored in the right conditions. Seeing that the American CBD and marijuana industries are growing far beyond expectations, it’s best to understand that choosing the right option also plays a crucial role in longevity.

If you’re looking to invest in a long-lasting product or are looking to see how long your current stock lasts, below are the various factors that can affect the shelf life of CBD oil: 

Factor #1: The brand of the CBD oil product

The manufacturer of a CBD product, more often than not, is a clear indicator of how long a bottle’s contents are going to last for regular use.

When it comes to gauging a product’s longevity based on the brand or manufacturer, the rule of thumb is that excellent reviews, accreditations, and published results are your best friend. Fortunately, NatreLeaf carries a line of reputable brands that are known for products that last far longer than other options on the market!

Factor #2: The type of extract used to make a product

Another effective way to determine whether or not a bottle of CBD oil is built to last is to check how it’s made. For instance, products that are made with full-spectrum extracts are far more likely to last than other alternatives filled with additives and ingredients because the proprietary ingredient is of higher quality.

Factor #3: The presence (or absence) of ethanol

Among all the different components that you can usually find in the ingredients list of a CBD oil’s label, ethanol plays one of the most vital parts in determining the longevity of the product (aside from the extract itself). The main reason this component is indicative of a product’s longevity and reassures the “12-month” longevity rule the more present is that ethanol preserves natural cannabinoids for much longer.


Typically, determining the longevity of a product can be done by looking at the expiry date listed on the bottle, but this isn’t always the case because CBD oil remains unregulated to this day. By watching for the three factors mentioned above, however, you can ensure the true shelf life of any product as accurately as possible without the need for high-tech equipment!

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