CBD oil

Being extremely versatile and sporting a variety of types that allow different methods of use, the use of CBD oil is taking the world by storm. You have people consuming it for a variety of applications and purposes, and it seems to be supplementing the daily lives of many! This is a great step in getting the name of CBD cleared from the previous biases against the product. 

As great as the leaps have been in terms of understanding it, there are still many myths and misconceptions that are shrouding the field of CBD use—which is what will be tackled in today’s article. Whether it is the use of CBD oil, CBD topicals, or CBD vape juices, here are some facts about CBD that you may or may not be aware of:


  • CBD Has Psychoactive Properties, but Not in the Way You May Think


When people say that CBD is not psychoactive, unlike the THC that is found in marijuana plants, this is actually untrue! The difference between the two is that the former is non-intoxicating, while the latter is what gets a person high. 

CBD still has certain psychoactive properties that introduce short bursts of euphoria—but it isn’t as potent as THC, which gives a visible change in brain chemistry. The shift of brain activity with CBD is still present, but it is not intoxicating to the point that it deters you from conducting your usual activities. 

Basically, any kind of substance that affects neurotransmitters in the brain can be said to be psychoactive. Chocolates are a good example of this, as the anandamide found in it boosts a person’s mood by altering the brain’s neurotransmitters. This means that chocolates are also psychoactive products—but they are not intoxicating enough to alter behavior. 


  • CBD Oil Can Be Extracted from Both Marijuana and Hemp


People often think that CBD can only be found in the marijuana plant, which is why there is often an association between the two. While CBD can be extracted from that plant, it can actually be extracted from hemp too! 

The difference is that marijuana contains a higher amount of THC that it often overshadows CBD. The opposite can be said for hemp plants, wherein very little THC is found that it is almost non-existent. This is why CBD is more efficiently extracted from hemp plants instead of marijuana plants.

Hemp also grows much faster and requires less care, which makes it perfect for producing hemp oil in large quantities.


  • CBD is Only One Kind of Cannabinoid Out of Over a Hundred


CBD and THC are both cannabinoids, with the CBD being second to THC as the major cannabinoids found in the hemp and marijuana plants. Scientists have discovered that the cannabis plant has over a hundred different cannabinoids as part of its genetic structure. 

This means that the potentials of the cannabis plant can actually be much more than what we know about it as of today! With more research and testing, it can be discovered if CBD and THC really do have direct correlations to the health claims that many believe. 

With the market for CBD loosening up in different parts of the world, further research can be done, and better knowledge can be found surrounding the cannabis plant. 


CBD oil and other CBD products are becoming big in today’s world, and with all the different types of knowledge surfacing about the hemp plant, the future seems much brighter. While it is still a quite young product that is unsure in terms of studies, the effects so far are positive on most people. Try it for yourself today to find out what it is all about. 

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