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This dosage calculator tool is provided to suggest a presumptive dosage based on your weight and pain level. Due to numerous factors, this tool may not be accurate for your situation. This dosage calculator isn’t the recommendation of a certified physician.

The Right CBD Oil Dosage

While CBD can be useful for your pain and anxiety needs, you need to ensure you use the correct amount. Not using enough CBD can keep the product from being useful. Having too much could also cause you to feel excessively worn down.

You will have to figure out the appropriate CBD dosage if you want to use it right. We at NatreLeaf have devised a CBD dosage calculator to help you figure out what you might require.

Note: The doses listed here are based on two daily servings of CBD. So, you will want to take that dose 2x daily or as needed. It’s best to avoid going beyond two servings, as an excess total might cause your body to wear out.

3 Most Important CBD Dosage Factors

#1 – Gender

The first factor to consider entails your biological gender. Biological men and women typically respond to different levels of CBD.

The reason is that generally men will carry additional weight in muscle, bone density, etc.  The result is a better chance of tolerating the product. The standard is similar to what you would find for just about any other health product you might find in today’s market.

#2 – Weight

Regardless of gender, consider your weight. Those who weigh less will need less CBD, as a smaller amount can do more for a lighter person.

The more weight (body fat) you carry, the more CBD will be needed to saturate your receptors. The point is critical, regardless of gender.

#3 – Severity of Condition

The significance of the condition should be of note. You would require more CBD if you have a more substantial condition that needs additional treatment. Adding more CBD through your two doses would be more suitable than if you tried to add a third dosage of CBD. Two doses in one day should provide enough coverage if you use the right amounts of CBD in each one.

General Totals

A generaly rule of thumb for  how much CBD to use in each dose:

  • A lightweight person might start at about 10 to 15 mg of CBD per dosage.
  • A heavier person who is at least 200 pounds in weight can benefit from about twice as much CBD. About 20 to 30 mg may be a good starting point.
  • The severity of the condition may require more CBD. An average person with moderate pain or anxiety symptoms may require about 20 to 30 mg of CBD. For severe symptoms, you may need around 50 to 100 mg per dose.

What About Children?

Children can benefit from CBD, especially if they have consistent pain concerns. But the amount of CBD a child uses should be minimal. An average child can use about 7 to 9 mg of CBD per dose. The total may go up to 20 mg for more significant pains, but it should not go any higher than this value.

You’ll have to be sure that you know what you’re getting out of CBD and that you have a suitable dosage total in mind. You have to avoid using too much to ensure you don’t have any adverse reactions. Still, you must also see that you’re not using too little to where you might not get enough of a benefit off of what you are using.