Buying CBD Hemp Oil Products

Buying CBD Oil is confusing to most. How do you know your getting a good deal? How do you know if you’re getting good stuff? There are so many questions to answer about CBD Products.

We aim to deliver the Purest and Most High-Quality CBD Oil available. When comparing prices, it’s import to also compare COA’s (Certificate of Authenticity).

If you look, you’ll find that many label ingredients are obscure. You’ll also find a lot of companies that claim 1000MG of CBD per bottle, but it’s really 1000MG of total cannabinoids with only a small percentage being CBD.

3 CBD Formulation Types

There are 3 main types of CBD mass produces today. They are full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, and CBD Isolate.

Full Spectrum CBD Oil (0-0.3% THC)

There are many full spectrum CBD oil impostures on the market. They claim to have a wide range of cannabinoids and terpenes, but the lab tests say otherwise. NatreLeaf offers a TRUE Legally Conforming Full-Spectrum CBD Oil. Our formula contains CBD, additional minor cannabinoids (example:CBD,CBG,CBDA), terpenes.

Broad Spectrum CBD Oil (0-0.1% THC – Non-Detectible)

Broad-spectrum CBD oil provides the best of both worlds for consumers. You get a large part of the “entourage effect” without the THC. It is more expensive to manufacturer as it undergoes a process to remove the THC from the distillate. 

CBD Isolate (THC FREE)

If you’re someone that prefers CBD Isolate, we have that too. There is no synergistic effect with isolate. However, for a lot of people CBD (cannabidiol) alone is all that’s needed.

CBD Dosage Calculator

Easily generate a suggested dosage based on your weight and pain level

Your suggested dosage is:
5-7 mg of CBD

Dosage suggestions are based on 2 daily servings

This dosage calculator tool is provided to suggest a presumptive dosage based on your weight and pain level. Due to numerous factors, this tool may not be accurate for your situation. This dosage calculator isn’t the recommendation of a certified physician.