CBD oil

Many people have begun to turn to cannabidiol (CBD) products to treat a variety of issues. Longtime sufferers have found comfort in the substance that has helped them manage symptoms. However, knowing the appropriate dosage of CBD can be tricky, especially since there’s a lot of government restrictions surrounding CBD intake.

There’s no one size fits all approach to CBD, as everyone responds differently to certain substances. Here are five things you should keep in mind about CBD before trying its products:

Start Low

If this is your first time to take CBD, it’s important to start at the lowest CBD dose possible. It’s easy to build on a dose, but you can’t reduce the dosage of a product once you’ve already ingested it. Slowly work your way up to a higher dose until you experience the intended effect.

By starting low, you’ll understand how CBD feels like and discover the dose that best fits your needs. You won’t shock yourself with the sudden influx of sensations associated with CBD by gradually increasing your dosage. A good gauge is to check what you feel—and what you don’t—when taking it, as CBD’s effects are fairly subtle.

Know the Methods of Intake

There are several factors that affect what dose of CBD you should take and how it affects your body. One of these is the way you take it, as your body absorbs CBD differently per method. This is referred to as bioavailability, or how much of a substance reaches your blood and where its beneficial effects take place. 

For example, a popular way to take CBD is sublingually or placing it under the tongue. This is commonly used with CBD oil, which has considerable bioavailability because it is directly absorbed into the blood. CBD taken through the lungs, or through vaping, also has decent levels of absorption that rivals CBD oil. 

Understand the Extract Type

The type of CBD extract used also affects CBD dosage. Most CBD products contain full-spectrum extracts, which consist of cannabinoids, terpenes, and other beneficial compounds that are found in cannabis plants. 

On the other hand, CBD isolate products contain only CBD. These are less potent than full-spectrum products because they lack the entourage effects of its counterpart. You can start with a larger dose of CBD isolate products without overwhelming yourself, but you’ll have to start much smaller if you’ll be taking a full-spectrum CBD oil. 

Be Aware of Product Concentration

Another thing you should know about CBD is its concentration in a product. These often differ between offerings, which will affect your dosage. A drop of a certain CBD oil can contain a meager 0.5 mg of CBD, but another one can have 10 mg. One drop of each oil will certainly have very different effects. 

CBD also comes in other forms, such as capsules. Like oils, they come in a wide range of strengths. It’s important to be aware of how much CBD is present in the product before taking it to accurately measure the dose. If the product does not list the CBD concentration, you can determine this by dividing the total amount of CBD by the product’s volume.

Factor In Body Chemistry and Weight

Lastly, your body weight and chemistry largely affects your CBD dosage. Even though you and a friend may be suffering from a similar issue, such as joint pain, your CBD dosage will differ. People who weigh more usually need a higher CBD dosage, so this is something to consider when determining the optimal amount of the product to take. 

Apart from weight, your body chemistry and the way your endocannabinoid system functions will affect the way your body processes CBD. As the system is activated by cannabinoids, it will need a certain amount before it takes effect. This is why it’s important to start in small doses, as you’ll discover the dosage that works for you.


CBD products are natural ways to help manage symptoms caused by a wide range of disorders and issues. There’s no need to worry about toxic chemicals or harmful substances as CBD products are all-natural. Figuring out the optimal CBD dosage can be tricky, but keeping these five things in mind is sure to help you find the dosage that best fits your needs.

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