Ever since its legalization in 2014, high-grade CBD hemp oil has revolutionized the American drug and healthcare industries in more ways than many expected.

In the span of six years, the market for this “miracle cure” product has essentially exploded, thanks to the wide range of benefits that it has brought to many people’s lives. Despite the fact that it was considered by many as a bust from the get-go, the CBD oil industry has managed to rake in a rising market value that shows no signs of stopping any time soon.

With experts forecasting a three billion-dollar valuation in 2021, it’s clear that there’s no better time to invest in the industry and enjoy the wealth of benefits it packs than today. Now that the product is widely available across the country, many now have the opportunity to enjoy it at different price points and serving sizes.

While the American CBD hemp oil industry continues to evolve in both the months and years that pass, the objective of spotting and buying high-quality CBD hemp oil remains the same. Nowadays, the need to dichotomize products in the market into good and bad is an absolute necessity because of the number of available options in mom-and-pop shops and big-name websites!

Looking for high-quality oil? Here’s what you need to watch out for

Fortunately, spotting and telling high-quality CBD hemp oil apart from less-than-stellar alternatives (or straight-up garbage) is far easier than you probably ought it to be.

If you’ve been meaning to try CBD oil out or are simply tired of the “top-notch” trash you’ve been consuming, here’s a quick rundown of the different tips and tricks that you should watch out for: 

Tip #1: Watch out for where the oil is sourced from

When it comes to distinguishing the different levels of quality among different available products in the market, it’s absolutely essential to understand that the source of CBD oil matters a whole lot.

In the American market, in particular, it’s quite common to come across bottles of high-grade products that come from Denmark, Colorado, or Kentucky—all of which are fairly well known for their plant quality. However, if you’re looking for top-shelf material that has the best quality ratings possible, then products that originate from Germany, the Netherlands, or California are worth watching out for. 

Tip #2: Color matters

One lock at a rack of different CBD oil products alone is more than enough to tell that there are a lot more different colors than expected—and these specific shade differences have a whole lot to do with quality. Although there are many ways to differentiate products based on quality, color is a telling factor because it says a lot about the value of a specific oil because it’s determined through different essential qualities.

Here’s a guide to the three most common colors that you’re bound to come across when searching around for CBD hemp oil in your local store:

a. Gold: Although many see the CBD oil industry as one whose levels of quality are held to a gold standard, the truth is that a golden shade rates the lowest in the aforementioned aspect since it’s geared more towards purity. Although gold-tinted oil is definitely great by all means, it doesn’t have the same level of potency associated with top-quality products, as the color is a result of extensive refinement—a process that essentially removes beneficial plant components.

b. Black: Commonly associated with raw CBD, a near-black color is indicative of a product’s composition, as it can only be achieved (or retained) if no further purification is performed.

Once this type of oil is extracted from raw hemp, it is packaged straight away, giving off the near-black appearance that sets this product apart from other alternatives. Many see this color as the true ceiling for quality because its lack of purification processes allow it to retain chlorophyll and terpenes that bring other benefits to the table. 

  1. Dark green: Just a notch below the black color that many consider as the standard for quality, dark green oils are commonly found with decarboxylated products. As opposed to other oils, decarboxylated supplements sit in the middle of the quality spectrum and are distinguishable because of their improved bioavailability and retained raw tinctures, making them the best of both worlds, in a sense.


Finding the best-quality CBD oil is an objective that anyone who enjoys the product and looks forward to reaping its benefits should have in mind when sifting through the wide range of available options. With the help of the tips mentioned above, you’ll be able to easily distinguish between high-quality and low-quality options right off the bat and get oils that are worth every penny!

If you’re in need of a reliable CBD oil supplier that can supply you with the best products for health-related purposes, we’ve got you covered. Get in touch with us today and check out all the products we have in stock for your needs!